Welcome to Living Ascended NEW Earth

Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Consciousness Energetic Mastery Platform with Expanding Light Communities

This is a Sacred Sanctuary Space

A Networking CommUNITY Platform where our Global Light Family comes together/unites/converges to receive, inner-act, share, uplift, inspire, contribute AS HIGHER/HIGHEST ASPECT SELVES all focused on HEAVENLY NEW EARTH AS ACTUAL REALITY. ♦ Growing our Soul-Star-Light Family together through/as Pure Divinity and Oneness Love. Anchoring, Unlocking, Activating and Living NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS Codes in every aspect of our Lives and supporting all in our own realities in doing/Living this fully too. SOULutions for all of HUmanity brought forth through all of our Divine Light Intelligence/Wisdom/LightBody Technologies united/combined/shared. Living as our Highest Versions/Aspects and bringing this forth in everything that we do/share. ♥
This Platform is an Evolutionary One. We've Evolved 4 CommUNITIES over the many years into this NOW/Current One. It's been quite beautiful and full of EXPANSION for all who have been with us and have continued to Evolve over much linear "time". 
  • Awakening To Remembering (Original Foundational CommUNITY) evolved into...
  • Evolving Consciousness Together (evolved into...)
  • Living NEW Earth Consciousness (evolved into...)
  • Living Ascended NEW Earth (our Current NOW)

Multi-Tiered (Multi-Dimensional) Networking Platform

  • This entire network/platform is organically built out in accordance with Crystalline Light Technologies/Structures and Plasma Networking Systems aligning with Unity Consciousness, Purity Consciousness and Divinity Consciousness (Pure Divine Powerful Love, Wisdom, Creation through Pure Presence and Divine Alignment held from deep within)
  • Providing and Aligning all with and through 12D Quantum/Infinite Consciousness and working with implementing the 144(000) Primary Divine & Sacred Templates for re-inventing reality and establishing all new Programs, Support Systems and Value Systems that support HUmanity as a Whole on Individual, Global and Local CommUNITY levels
  • An organic Global CommUNITY Network focused on nurturing, growing and uniting Light Family and Soul Tribes by providing Empowerment Support and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Expansion for all joining us to expand and grow
  • Focused Light Communities to enhance, deepen and accomplish more
  • Courses/Programs being added to support Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Existence
  • Live online Events and Discussions to drive/ignite/expand through sharing
  • Frequencies of Quantum Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Technology/Upgrades & more
  • NEW Earth Consciousness Activations/Implementation/Integration Codes
  • Service to Humanity-Based and Driven
  • Continual Growth and Expansion
  • An expanding in-depth Living Library (Akash) of REMINDERS for REMEMBERING and UNIFYING from deep within
  • Empowerment through Self-Energy-Mastery & Reality/World Mastery through Divine Inner Union & Sacred Remembrance
  • Multi-Tiered Groups and Communities offering different sharing and participation options relative to the purposes, focus and intention of each community/group
WE are ALL here to Establish and LIVE a WHOLE NEW "REAL".

Note: This is not a Social Networking Platform format-wise and how all is set up. It is an inner-active Teaching/Engagement/Sharing CommUNITY SPACE for all to connect, build relationships and establish a new type of Higher/Highest Consciousness Support System for accomplishing and fully LIVING NEW Earth here. We network differently, as all is VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC and Higher Purpose/Soul Aligned and Networking serves different Higher Purposes as a part of a Crystalline-Plasma Energetic Gridwork/Network/Matrix System that is based in Purity and Love. ♥ 

All payments are received as donations and are made to NEW Earth HUmanity Coalition & Trust (may show NEW Earth Coalition where shortened). Thank you for your presence and for your support by being here with us as Love. ♥